Register a Business in BC

BC Small Business

An Approved Name with a Name Reservation Number needs to be registered within 56 days, or your name approval will lapse and you'll have to start the process all over again.

For BC Sole Proprietorship or Partnership Registration, you will need:

  1. Your name approval request number
  2. Your business name, exactly as approved by the Corporate Registry
  3. The start date of your business
  4. A real address in BC, not just a post office box

If your Business Registration application is approved:

  • You will receive an Official Registration Certificate issued by BC government.
  • This certificate will entitle you to use the chosen name in BC.
  • If you apply for tax accounts (and you should), you will receive documentation directly from appropriate government departments that administer those accounts. We will also provide you with account numbers where applicable.

Important Information:
Neither Sole Proprietorships nor Partnerships, as forms of business, are legal entities. Each is best thought of as a legally registered business alias under which you operate.

Our Business Registration Packages include a comprehensive list of services required to start a business in British Columbia.

Questions & Answers

Q. What information is required to register a small business?

A. Information required to register an Ontario Business:

For each of the owners or partners:
First & Last Name
Date of Birth
Telephone #
Country of Residence
Other information
Business Name
Registered Address
Mailing Address
Payment (certified cheque, debit card, cash)


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Register a Partnership

Register a Trade Name

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