Register a Business or a Corporation in British Columbia
as a Non-Resident

Register a Non-Resident Business or a Non-Resident Corporation

Non-Residents can register for Sole Proprietorship or a Partnership Registration in British Columbia, Canada. Non-Residents require an address in British Columbia to register the business. But it is highly recommended not doing that. It is advisable to set up a Non-Resident Corporation as it provides better protection for you and your business. A Corporation has better credibility while doing business in Canada.

An individual or a corporation has a Non-resident status if they are not Canadian Citizens or residents of Canada. A Canadian Citizen living abroad with no fixed Canadian address is also a non-resident.

You keep entire control of your business and you do not need relatives or partners living in BC with whom you need to partner.

Business Development Centre brings you a 100% risk free solution.

Services for individuals or corporations having a Non-residence status in Canada include:

Non-Resident Corporation Registration Package

Rates *
BC Government Filing Fee $ 351.60
Corporate Documents $  29.90
BC Name Search $  59.95
Minute Book, Seal, Shares $ 159.00
Courier Fees $  15.00

Total Disbursements

$ 615.45


$  96.05

Business Development Centre Fee

$ 475.00



Business Services for Non-residents include:

Services Rates *
Non-resident Government Accounts (without SIN)
Federal Business Number
GST/HST Account
Payroll Account
Import/Export Account

$ 99.00

Canadian Telephone and Fax Service

Telephone/Voice Mail
Fax Service
Telephone and Fax


$ 480.00 / year
$ 480.00/year
$ 675.00/year

Basic Registered Corporate Address

Includes: receiving and forwarding regular emails. (Postage, transaction fee and taxes are extra)
$ 299.00 / year

Advanced Registered Corporate Address

Includes: Receive and forward regular mail
Receive and forward courier packages
Email notification
Scan and email content of the envelope
Secure shredding of mail
Long-term storage of mail
(Postage, transaction fees and taxes are extra)
$ 499.00 / year

Business Maintenance Services

Annual Government Information Report
Annual Corporate Tax Report
Annual Tax Accounts Report
$ 995.00 / year

Accounting and Bookkeeping

From $ 49.00 per hour or from
$ 225 per month.

Canadian Web Services

Canadian email
Canadian Domain Name
Canadian Website


$ 99.00 / year
$ 49.00 / year
$ 480.00 / year

* Taxes and disbursements are extra, where applicable.

At Business Development Centre we understand that as a Non-resident having business interests in Canada might raise some unique service requirements. Please contact us with full details of the same and we will be in touch with you.



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